Amy Crump

Mint Hill has always been home for Amy Crump.  She was born in the town Mint Hill before it was incorporated in 1971, raised her own children within the town, and continues to live in Mint Hill.

She has always had an interest in and love of pottery.  Knowing that each piece was an expression of the potter’s hand, unique in itself even from other pieces like it, spoke deeply to Amy.  After having opportunity to take several classes from Sylvia Coppola, a local potter recently featured in Our State magazine, Amy realized she could aspire to become a potter.

Attending various workshops in the Charlotte area has increased Amy’s desire to practice her craft at higher levels.  Weeks spent at Wild Acres, under the watchful eye of Gary Lee of Rising Sun Pottery has helped to sharpen her skill.   She is most interested in functional pottery and her pieces reflect what she enjoys…using pottery in the kitchen, loving its feel and the kinship with the earth it represents.

Amy is very grateful to be developing her skills at Pottery 51, surrounded by many talented artists.  A special thanks to David Bridge, whom she considers to be her mentor.