Max McLeod

Max McLeod has an education background in Architecture and experience primarily in religious structures and chancel furniture design.  His formal ceramics class education has been with many talented artists in the Charlotte community. Self study and experimentation is extremely important in his work including digging and processing clay’s as well as developing his own techniques of multiple clay’s in each work.  He continues ceramics study of contemporary American and Asian potters. This has had an influence on his work especially the design aesthetic of Wabi Sabi.

Max has expressed his ceramic arts interest in the layering wild and domestic clays. Each piece is accomplished with minimal or no glazes letting the natural colors and textures of the earth. This expresses his dedication to the organic structure of his work.

Bowls, cups, tumblers, platters and an assortment of serving pieces are a few of the functional art pieces and each is unique. In addition his work includes unfired clay and ceramic tiles, wall objects and sculptures.

He believes the road to creative new work is based on observation of the patterns and textures of nature and taking clays to the limits of its sustainable workability.  Giving failures and success equal opportunity he has worked with unrestrictive openness in where the world of clay may lead.